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      Hello everybody my name is Rok, but friends call me Kovo. I come from Slovenia and I fish for carp since last7 years. I have fished all over Slovenia I also made two trips to Austria. I have logged up here because I ‘ interested in fishing in Slovakia and Czech. I hope to make a trip there so I hope for some info about carp lakes in these countries. I would be also happy to help if someone is interested in fishing in Slovenia, or maybe Croatia.



        Hello, welcome to Carp forum! 😉 Slovenia is a beautiful country for Carp Fishing! Here are some articles from Lake Bled:

        Good luck in the Czech Republic! 😉



          Well yes, lake Bled is very beutifull and has very good stock of big healthy fish. But since Bled is tourist town and lake itself huge tourist attraction, the leading people of the town dosen’t like fishermans, which is reason for unnormaly high fishing licence, no bivvy allowed, feeding max 5kg fish food per day, etc… Another thing is that in summer there are a lot of tourists walking arround the lake and also swimmers, there is proof in one of the articles that you show me here, where there is a bunch of people arround the angler of the fish.
          If anyone is interested in visiting a proper carp lake in Slovenia I can make some article here about proper carp lakes, where licence for 3 days cost 50euro, good stock of healthy carp up to 25+ kg, wheree you can set up bivvy and fish in peace.
          Also I find few czech lakes that I’d like to visit and every info is desired.

        Aktuálně jsou na stránce zobrazeny 3 příspěvky - 1. až 3. (celkem z 3)
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